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We’re a team of experts in the luxury travel segment, who have come together to create a new global project, founded on one the basis of sustainable development, bringing sustainable practices to the high-end tourism segment through the most significant hotels and resorts from all around the world.  Our Philosophy brings together a community of handpicked environmentally friendly, unique, and independent hotels and resorts that are committed to protecting the local communities and the environment. A community where hotels can unite under the Slow Luxury Life brand to share collective knowledge and express an honest way of understanding tourism and luxury.


We bring sales representation, marketing, and public relations services across the whole European market with offices in London, Moscow, Madrid, and Bonn. Our team is made of experts in the high-end market with solid long-term established relationships with the most significant travel trade experts across the European continent.

Alfonso Martinez Fischer

Alfonso Martínez Fischer

CEO and Regional Area Manager -Central and Southern Europe

Alfonso has built his reputation after 30 years working directly in the hotel industry, strategic hotel development consulting,  premium sales, and marketing services for luxury hotels and DMC's across Europe and the US. He has a strong area of expertise in sustainability and has completed the prestigious SDG Academy by the United Nations program. He has a personal commitment to sustainability and one of his objectives is to help businesses achieve the United Nations 17 SDG's and to build truly sustainable business models within the luxury tourism community.

He is in direct charge of the Southern, central European, and German-speaking markets

Alfonso is currently based in Madrid

Valentina Myagkova

Valentina Myagkova

Regional Area Manager-Russia, Ukraine, C.E.E. and C.I.S. countries

Valentina has developed a wide luxury travel network of agents through her current luxury hotel and PR services company for the past 25 years. She has a very deep knowledge of her market's needs and long-lasting established relationships with the key players in her markets.

Her role is to bring the Slow Luxury Life members to the finest travel agents across Russia, Ukraine, C.E.E. and C.I.S. markets

She is currently based in Moscow

Sophie McCarthy

Sophie McCarthy

Regional Area Manager - UK, Benelux, France and Nordic markets

Sophie started her career within the luxury hotel industry and then moved towards the sales representation area establishing her own company. For the past 14 years she has built a solid reputation and network amongst the finest luxury travel agencies and tour operators across her region. 

Her network allows her to bring the Slow Luxury Life members into the U.K., Ireland, Benelux, France and Nordic markets.

She is currently based in London

Africa Llamas

Africa Llamas

Business Development Manager

Her experience in management roles in the luxury travel trade gives Slow Luxury Life an expert eye and deep understanding of the needs and ways of working of a luxury travel designer. Her day to day contact with luxury travellers allows her to have a critical eye on market trends. She is able to understand the direct relationship between hotels and luxury travel agents through her own experience and apply it to add value to our member hotels.

She is in charge of market intelligence and memberships

Africa is based in Barcelona

We want to regain credibility on real and authentic sustainable values through facts and figures
and be able to market an honest sustainable proposition rooted in honesty.