Sustainable luxury travel



SLL is a community that provides concrete guidance that will allow resorts and destinations to act successfully by implementing and executing a successful Corporate Sustainable Strategy that will help their positioning in the selected markets.

We believe in the participation of the private hospitality sector and its leaders as a crucial development Actor over the SDG processes in order to foster sustainable growth and poverty reduction. The key roles to be played by all of us are related to innovation, resources, capability, and leadership.

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What are our Goals?  
SLL has three main goals aligned with the three main objectives of what we understand as a Sustainable Economic module.

  • Create economical value. This will provide SLL members with Cost Reduction opportunities, but at the same time  Increase competitiveness which will create Increase sales and consequently higher profitability. LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health and Sustainability) will also help to improve the image and positioning of any SLL member.
  • Create societal value. This will provide SLL members with Respect in the local community, in the market and lead by example any of its social initiatives.
  • Create environmental value. This will provide SLL members with Sustainable growth and increase destination value
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Which areas are we going to impact?

SLL will help to define corporate environmental management strategies in order to conciliate luxury and sustainability. This will contribute to achieve ROI on all sustainability activities and support social corporate responsibility actions.

SLL will help to provide reporting tools for self-measurement and if needed facilitate change management processes and define integrated management systems. This should be completed with the definition of frameworks & goals for strategic sustainable development (FSSD) based on the research studies we plan to develop for SLL members.

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What resources are we going to use/provide to SLL members?

Under the sustainability premises, SLL will provide an annual 360º research Study that will include feedback from, resorts, end customers, trade & media partners, and institutions/universities, and consequently with a Best Practice report on similar products at worldwide level to benchmark and allow cross data information.
Communication tools and platforms to communicate the sustainability actions will complete the resources provided by SLL.